Here at Magepim, we offer a full range of e-commerce services to make your Magento based site work for you.

Quality Magento extensions

Our small but growing collection of Magento extensions are all built using best practice coding techniques to make sure that they work seamlessly on your website. We have various extensions in development that we hope will add exciting functionality to your site.

Have an idea for an extension? If so then please do not hesitate to get in touch. If we feel your idea would be a useful addition to our collection then not only will you get an extension that is tailored towards your requirements, we'll even give you a 30% discount to say thanks for the idea.

All extensions are tested on the latest versions of Magento (Community and Enterprise) and updated when a new version of Magento is released. We are also in the process of converting our extensions to work with Magento 2.

We don't believe in charging extra for Enterprise versions of our extensions so if you upgrade at any point you don't need to pay again.


Custom extension development

If you have a need for specific functionality for your site that isn't available in one of our extensions, we also offer custom extension development. This service takes your requirements and creates a one off extension that you own all rights to. We will not sell the extension to any other merchants and all Intellectual Property is signed over to you.


3rd Party Integrations

Need to integrate with a 3rd Party service or application? Look no further. At Magepim we have a huge amount of experience connecting Magento to other systems. Whether this be an external warehouse service, internal CRM or PIM systems or something else we can get everything talking and data flowing to where it is needed.


Consultancy Services

Magepim also offers a wide ranging array of consultancy services. We can look at your existing website and provide a full audit so you can improve the general performance of the site. This may involve suggesting a better hosting package, ways to tweak the infrastructure to get the most out of your website or suggesting areas of the codebase that is need of attention

Upgrading Magento can be a fraught process, here at Magepim we also offer an upgrade service to make sure your Magento site is fully up to date and secure against known security issues. Of course, all upgrades are initially carried out and fully tested on our staging servers (or yours if you prefer) so you can be confident the live upgrade will go smoothly.