Using Pimcore Views in Magento

After a bit of a hiatus due to work pressures I am back busy working on integrating Magento and Pimcore.  Over the next few months I hope to launch a new product which is a full integration between Pimcore and Magento using the best of both systems.

As a first step towards this I decided that I needed to be able to use a single system for certain areas of the site, such as footer, header etc as well as being able to include Pimcore views directly in Magento.  This post is the beginning of that work.  While the full integration will be a commercial offering I thought that many people might find the ability to use Pimcore views in Magento useful so have decided to release a small Magento extension to the community.  The extension can be downloaded from

I'm not going to go into the extension code too much as it should be pretty self explanatory, rather the rest of the post will be showing how to implement this in Magento with a few modifications to your Pimcore view scripts.