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Magento2 - A look at the future

    Jan 15, 2012, 9:40:00 AM 
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Later this year we will see the much anticipated release of Magento version 2.  This promises some exciting changes which should make Magento leaner and more developer friendly.

Of course having to wait until the end of the year to get our hands on Magento2 to see what has changed and what as developers we will have to change in our own extensions isn't ideal so to help us with that Magento has started updating a development release which has been made available on github at .

You will see that their are two magento repositories there; 'magento2' and 'taf'.  clone the magento2 repository and you can install as usual.  DON'T put this into production!  It is an early release and only some parts are implemented but you should be able to update as new commits are made.

The 'taf' repository interests me hugely.  This is the 'Magento Tests Automation Framework' which is something I feel is much needed.  Selenium tests and PHPUnit tests are included.

I suggest that anyone that is interested in the future of Magento and how these changes will affect your own sites has a look at both these repositories.  I've not yet tried any of my own modules but plan to in the near future so keep coming back for further updates.

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